The Secret Life of Bees fan encounter.

Sarah found a cute encounter a guy had on the set of ‘The Secret Life of Bees’. His blog is here if you are interested, or you can read the article below.

The film is called the “Secret Lives of Bees” its is Produced by Will Smith and stars Alicia Keys, Paul Bethany, Hilarie Burton, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson (all those stars were already finished with the film) and Dakota Fanning (who was on set today) The first scene took place outside the local theater. Everyone was waiting inline to buy a ticket. Then it was a drive up pov shot. While between takes I was talking with Carl and Dan. And quite a few times Dakota stood next to me smiling and taking photos with young little girls. I said hello a few times. (Now yes I had a camera on hand just incase)

Someone walked by with a nice steady cam. I then said nice camera! We started to talk and I find out he has taken videos of the Fanning Family during films for there own personal collection. So that was kind of a neat thing ya know.

He and I walked over to the mob scene. And he got right in there and helped me get a photo with Dakota and she also singed a little something for me (most girls were giving her sheets of notebook paper – but not I! I gave her something much better! )

There is an image in the gallery, she looks adorable!

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