Dakota in ‘The Seven Rays’?

A new movie for Dakota? It’s called The Seven Rays and sounds pretty interesting!

Selena Gomez, Dakota Fanning, and Taylor Swift for ‘The Seven Rays’ Lead

The casting for a new movie called The Seven Rays [adapted off of the book] has begun, and three teen actresses are currently up for the lead in the movie! Disney starlet Selena Gomez was first rumored to have snagged the role back in November, however it looks as though country singer Taylor Swift, and Dakota Fanning are also in the running.

The author of the book Jessica Bendinger has revealed that the can see Selena, Taylor or Dakota all playing the lead. “I love the idea of someone doing a successful hair or eye color change that really works. I find that fascinating. May the best woman win the part.” she says.

Check out the plot of The Seven Rays:

You are more than you think you are.

THAT IS THE ANONYMOUS MESSAGE that Beth Michaels receives right before she starts seeing things. Not just a slept-through my-alarm-clock, late-for-homeroom, haven’t had-my-caffeine-fix kind of seeing things. It all starts with some dots, annoying pink dots that pop up on and over her mom and her best friend’s face. But then things get out of control and Beth is seeing people’s pasts, their fears, their secrets, their desires. The images are coming at Beth in hi-def streaming video and she can’t stop it. Everyone thinks she’s crazy and she’s pretty sure she agrees with them. But crazy doesn’t explain the gold envelopes that have started arriving, containing seeing keys and mysterious tarot cards. To Beth, it all seems too weird to be true. You are more than you think you are? But here’s the thing: What if she is?


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