Welcome to the new Lovely Dakota

First of all I would like to give the wonderful news that Jess is now part of the Lovely Dakota team. And to tell that we’re proudly part of The Fan Carpet team now.

On September 1st we will be 5 years old. Time flies by, right? To celebrate that we have some wonderful new changes here in your #1 Dakota Fanning source.

After a lot of work, me, Madison and Jess are proud to show you the brand new Lovely Dakota. We did a total revamp on the site, starting with a new layout for the main site (made by me), for the gallery (made by Jess) and for the icon archive (made by madison). We hope you’ll enjoy the new looks!

We worked on new content for the site, changed the look of a lot of sections, re-organized everything. In the Dakota section you will find a brand new biography, a different facts page, a better organized filmography and lots more. The ‘She Said, they said’ page is divided in two, so we now have ‘She Said’ which has some wonderful Dakota quotes, sorted by age; and ‘They Said’ where you will find what others have to say about Dakota.

The Media section has the Articles & Interviews archive updated, the transcripts better organized and wonderful new sound bytes sorted by categories. The video archive is finally a video archive. We made a channel on YouTube and its there you will find all of our videos; but they’re all organized here in their proper sections, so you don’t get lost at the YouTube channel. And the gallery has wonderful new pictures added, so make sure you check them out. And we are currently replacing screencaps with better ones.

The extras section had lots of changes, including new graphics for all art pages. There are new banners, avatars, icons, wallpapers and more! We also have wonderful new games for you to play.

And the web and site sections have been organized for a better view. We also have brand new link us buttons, Dakota links up to date and some wonderful new affiliates. At the site section you will find out more about us on the staff page and about the site.

We hope you enjoy all the changes!

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