First New Moon Photo & Filming The Runaways

Meet Aro, Marcus, Caius, Jane and Alec. The Volturi. They look amazing. I’m pretty sure the preview is a brand new photo, the real thing, not fan made. It’s only little, but hopefully we’ll get some more soon :]. Who cares that it’s so small, finally! Jane! HUGE thanks to Flor at Enchanting Starz for this!

There are also a few photos from Sunday of Dakota on the set of The Runaways. So, check them out!

And there are three more pictures of Dakota & Freddie (see the previous update). For the people who have commented that Dakota is out with “Alec” – Freddie isn’t the actor playing Alec. Alec is Cameron Bright.

Later: I found a video of Dakota and Freddie leaving Il Cielo, you can watch it here.

- 001 x New Moon Promotional Still
- 003 x The Runaways BTS :: July 26 2009
- 003 x Out with Freddie Highmore

New Moon Promotional Still The Runaways BTS The Runaways BTS The Runaways BTS Out with Freddie Highmore

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