Filming The Runaways

This set of Dakota filming is from Wednesday afternoon, and look who it is having lunch with her! Elle! Nice to see them together again :].

Also hoping we’ll get to see something Jane from the Comic Con going on in San Diego at the moment… doesn’t look like Dakota is attending but you never know, could be a few clips of her from the movie. And Coraline has been out since the 21st so if you haven’t done so already, support Dakota and buy your copy! has a lot if you’re unable to buy the DVD in stores.

Later: Wow! Once again, thanks to oTTo, I’ve added 88 HQ photos from The Runaways set to the gallery. You are amazing, oTTo!

- 134 x The Runaways BTS :: July 22, 2009

Runaways BTS Runaways BTS Runaways BTS Runaways BTS Runaways BTS

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