New Photos, “Very Good Girls” to Premiere at Sundance

I hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday season! We’ve been enjoying ourselves, hence the lack of updates, however I’ve updated the site today with news and photos. :)

The Sundance Film Festival will be premiering Very Good Girls this January! The movie’s page on their website has a schedule of when it will be playing, which you can check out here.

New to the gallery are four sets of candids, two in New York City and two in Los Angeles near the end of December when she went home for the holidays.

Also new are a few photo shoot images. Taken eight and ten years ago, it’s a rare treat to stumble upon photos of Dakota at the beginning of her career! One was taken by Kymberly Marciano during August 2004, part of a shoot Elle was a part of which many of you will be familiar with. Along with this are three from 2002 during which time Dakota was filming Taken Her co-star Anton Yelchin is featured alongside her.

- 003 x Unknown Photographer
- 001 x Kymberly Marciano
- 007 x In New York City with Jesse Eisenberg (November 28)
- 004 x With a Friend in SoHo (December 12)
- 005 x Arriving at LAX Airport (December 15)
- 009 x Leaving Liv’art Dance Studio in North Hollywood (December 20)

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