TSLOB Featurette / Gallery Updates / TSLOB Washington Premiere

Dakota made to the 25 Under 25: Hollywood Hottest Young Stars Moviefone list. You can see it on their site, thanks Perla for letting me know about this! In W Magazine news, unfortunally there’s no more new pictures in the magazine. If anyone can provide us some good quality scans, I would still love them! Thanks to Nine_rp there’s a new Featurette video of The Secret Life of Bees, where you can see Dakota and the cast being interviewed.

In site updates, the other day I added 2 new pictures from Nick Haymes photoshoot but didn’t had the time to make an update about it and since I just replaced some bad quality images for them, you coudln’t see in the Last Uploads. So make sure to check them out! Our Jess also found a new headshot picture of Dakota! She looks so gorgeous! Unfortunally the picture is small and has a bad quality. But it’s still better than nothing! Enjoy the gallery updates! I’ve also added some new articles in the archive.

- 002 x Nick Haymes Photoshoot
- 001 x Headshot
- 050 x The Secret Life of Bees Featurette

Nick Haymes Photoshoot Nick Haymes Photoshoot Headshot TSLOB Featurette TSLOB Featurette

{Later} Dakota attended The Secret Life of Bees Washington Premiere last night. She looks stunning in her gorgeous red dress and even more grown up! Pictures are being added as I find them, so keep checking!

- 020 x The Secret Life of Bees Washington Premiere

TSLOB Washington Premiere TSLOB Washington PremiereTSLOB Washington Premiere TSLOB Washington Premiere TSLOB Washington Premiere

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