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Dakota Out in SoHo

Posted by Madison on August 28th, 2014

A few photos of Dakota from last Thursday are new to the gallery, check them out below:

“Night Moves” Screen Captures

Posted by Madison on August 25th, 2014

I hope everyone has been enjoying new Dakota movies! As with Very Good Girls, we’ve been waiting patiently to see Night Moves for a while now. Dakota plays environmentalist Dena alongside Jesse Eisenberg and Peter Sarsgaard (Peter was also in Very Good Girls), and together they set out to destroy a hydroelectric dam. Not since Emily Callaway of Hide and Seek have we seen Dakota’s hair brown for a role, so that was interesting. You’ll find screen captures from the movie in the gallery, but use caution if you haven’t yet seen the film, as the caps may contain spoilers.

WIGS’ Short Film “Celia”

Posted by Madison on August 25th, 2014

I noticed the gallery was missing images from Celia, a short film Dakota starred in in 2012 with Allison Janney – I’m very sorry! If you haven’t seen it (or if you have and just want to watch again), you can do so below.

Dakota and Jamie Strachan Out on Wednesday

Posted by Madison on August 22nd, 2014

Dakota was out with Jamie on Wednesday, they looked quite the matching pair, both wearing a black shirt with jeans! Photos can be found below:

Dakota’s “First Ever One-to-One Interview”

Posted by Madison on August 20th, 2014

Dakota’s very first interview for a magazine took place in 2001, when she was just seven, for Venice’s December issue, to promote I Am Sam. With an accompanying photo by Pamela Littky, we have a scan of the interview for you in our gallery (also available to read here for clearer wording). Along with this are a few more recent snaps of Dakota out in New York on Monday and Tuesday:

Dakota and a Friend Seen in SoHo

Posted by Madison on August 17th, 2014

New to the gallery are few pictures of Dakota out on Saturday:

Dakota Fanning Shares Her Style Icons and Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Posted by Madison on August 12th, 2014

Lucky magazine has shared a video of Dakota during her photo shoot with Dan Martensen, check it out below! You’ll also find screen captures in our gallery.

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