Ellen von Unwerth and Karen Collins Outtakes

Posted by Madison on May 4th, 2013

We have some brand new outtakes from Dakota’s shoot by Ellen von Unwerth earlier this year, as well as Karen Collins from last year. Some you’ll recognise but have been replaced with HQ images. Both photo shoots are just incredible, Dakota looks amazing in every picture.

You’ll notice Lovely has a brand new look, which incidentally uses the Karen Collins photos. I hope you like it! There have been lots of changes, a bit of downsizing, though the section about Dakota will continue to grow. Things like interviews and individual movie pages will be back, once they’re updated.

The biggest change is that Marcela, who created Lovely Dakota way back in 2002, has decided to step down as owner. Her beautiful designs and dedication have inspired a lot of budding designers over the years, myself included. She’ll certainly be missed.